From September 2010, my posts also appear in English. Enjoy

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Nope. I’ve not been gone, so it’s not like I’m returning from anywhere. I know, I’ve been out of sight from the bloggers’ zone, I’ll give you that. It’s just that I had so many good reasons for being out of order... I’ve been on holiday! :)

Oh well, a so called holiday, because I’ve been up to a lot of things. I’ve been working, been training myself and others, I’ve seen new and old folks, travelling, reading, resting, “burnouting” myself sometimes, dreaming... waking up from it... rebuilding my future (yes, I am going to begin a new study programme from fall, but I’ll detail this some other time, because, of course, it’s complicated), swam in the (Black) See, watching a series from In Treatment (not a bad one, actually), I’ve set up a new yNGO- nongovernmental youth organisation- which, of course, just like a newborn full of potential and desire to change the world, requires a lot of time and energy.

All of this, good and bad, make me happy, because it’s a version of my own self in actions, it’s what defines me. Work, passion for what I do, desire for constant learning, for travelling, for exchanging and sharing ideas with people with whom initially I seem to have zero in common with, change, hope for taking that one important step on the path you dream about – even though you know it’s not always easy, nor pleasant.
As always, in a somewhat mysterious manner, summer managed to slip away quickly, I’m not saying this in a nostalgic tone, though. There were many things to be done, to be experienced, and, as always, these experiences have made me want to ask for more. If I think about it, when it comes to the summer season – for about 3 year now- I see this unknown, concentrated and yet magical potion bottled up in a small sun shaped glass, from which I take sip by sip for a two month period in order to fill up with energy and enthusiasm for the entire year. This is the way I’m feeling now, reinforced, refreshed and fired up by that special force of youth and proactivity.
It seem like I’ve also managed to fulfil at least partially one of my objectives for the holiday, and this is bringing my blog back to life, reinventing it. Nothing much actually happened: I just took advantage of the new Blogger templates, moved some gadgets from here to there, but, more importantly, I’ve added a new section which contains my posts in English. I’m not saying that my number of readers multiplied and became more diverse, but why not offer the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas, my ups and down, and, not rarely, my bullshit, with whomever’s got the lust for it. It might just make their day. Or not.
This being said, I (re)welcome myself and I (sort of) take a public responsibility for a more serious relationship with my own virtual diary, defined by the challenging task of constant publishing.

Peace out.